Best Ever Brentwood CC XI?

                   Best Ever Brentwood CC XI

  1. Nick Knight
  2. Aaron West
  3. Alston Bobb
  4. Kasun Bodisha
  5. Nuwan Shiroman
  6. Shane Shillingford
  7. Sam Ali
  8. Max Osborne
  9. Jahid Ahmed
  10. Ben Cocklin
  11. Bob O'Brien


Author Comments: This team is full of people that I know of and have seen play..I selected Aaron West because of his future potential, I had to choose all the overseas players that I have seen and met myself, I selected my Dad because I need a free taxi driver, I picked Ben because I want to play u15s and Bob O'Brien is a legend.

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Some very diplomatic selections, Kristen. One should never underestimate the importance of securing free taxi rides! You may only have picked Ben because you want to play U15s, but this selection has him leapfrogging Keith Goodman and snapping away at Nick Knight's heels for the honour of being chosen as Brentwood Cricket Club's greatest ever player.
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Kristen Ali · 137 weeks ago

Ben is the only 1st XI wicket keeper that I've seen and you wanted their to be a certain structure therefore I had to pick him or else I would have picked Kieth Goodman as he sometimes coaches me at Brentwood School indoor training.
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ben cocklin · 137 weeks ago

Kristen, I appreciate your honesty and thank you for my selection.  I've never seen Keith Goodman keep wicket but im  assuming he is ok at it.  However I sincerely hope that I'm  slightly better.  As for nick knight and his 17 test matches and 100 odis at an average of over 40, well all i can ask is, where is he now ? did knighty win us the league ? no neither did i !  did knighty buy copius amounts of lager in the bar ? no neither did i ! did knighty attend every social function and get naked  ? so you see im picked on merit !

Best Ever Domestic XI

  1. Nick Knight
  2. Jonathan Walford
  3. Micky Davis
  4. Graham Walker
  5. Aaron West
  6. Damian Brandy
  7. Jahid Ahmed
  8. Max Osborne
  9. Ben Cocklin
  10. Nigel Porter
  11. Keith Goodman

Best Ever Overseas XI

  1. Hrishikesh Kanitkar
  2. Chad Porter
  3. Kasun Bodisha
  4. Alston Bobb
  5. Shane Shillingford
  6. Paul Sutherland
  7. Matt Sutherland
  8. Darren Sammy
  9. Danesh Kayani
  10. Gavin Kenny
  11. Justin Kenny


Author Comments: My side ended up being two from Mouse, Aaron and Richard Reed. I've heard Richard was a different class, so based on that it was a tricky decision between Mouse and Aaron. It probably was decided by the fact Aaron's 18 and Mouse was towards the end of his career when I played with him, and that was probably the only difference.  Overseas players: I suspect most would be in any side, but there are probably three or four before my time, who are better than some of these guys. I reckon we are struggling for a keeper though.  I've been told (well, ordered by Dicky) that having someone I've not seen play in my side is ridiculous, so can I change Richard Reed for Micky Davis then and that resolves my dilemma?

Belly, based on Dicky's rationale then my side is utterly ridiculous. I justify my selection on the basis that it is impossible to attend matches these days, and that as web site administrator I follow the individual teams a lot closer through match reports than I used to.

Using Dicky's logic I wouldn't be able to select anyone who has appeared within the last six years. The 1st XI has just proven to everyone that it is the best team BCC has ever had. As I tried to explain, I simply felt it was impossible to leave out certain players despite having not seen them.

I think that when Jon Coote suggested this little game after his chat with Salty it was only intended as a bit of fun anyway, not to be taken too seriously.

The other argument that normally crops up with this kind of thing is comparing players who didn't play in the modern era with players today. There have been huge changes regarding fitness levels, technique, equipment technology, etc. Would Roger Federer have beaten Rod Laver? This type of argument is always going to be hypothetical and therefore there will never be a definitive answer.
I've been thinking about this a little more. If doing a similar thing for WHU, my selection would include Hurst, Moore, Peters and Brooking. It so happens that because of my age, and growing up within walking distance of Upton Park, I saw all of these players play (my memories aren't that good as I was just a lad but I certainly saw them all at one time or another). If someone hadn't seen them play, would choosing these players in a Best Ever WHU XI be ridiculous?
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Lats · 146 weeks ago

I was on the main committee when 'Reedy's' application came for consideration.
I remember the committee being deeply divided about where to play him given that he had played Sussex IIs (if I recall correctly).
In the end, it was decided he would debut for the 4th XI away at Leigh-on-Sea. Due to an injudicious post-match tackle on the outfield late the previous season, I too found myself in that side (from recollection, Rob Coote, Tim Potter and Hentry Woods also featured).
Reedy's contribution was 0, and going in at 90-9, only a swashbuckling, career-best 47 from yours truly put Brentwood in a position from where they would win the game.
It was therefore, a travesty that Mr. Reed would find himself batting 3 for the 1st XI the following week while I was overlooked. It still rankles to this day!

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Lats · 146 weeks ago

There's a couple of stand out memories.
Playing in a Sunday 1st XI match where he decided to pepper the tennis club. Eventually, an irate female tennis player storms round, raquet in hand and demands. "Who is doing that?".
"Him!", we reply as Reedy launches another one into centre-court.
"Well can you tell him to stop!"

Another was watching the Gravesend Captain hastily rearrange his field as Reedy took 20 from the opening over of an all-day game at the Bat and Ball ground.
Coming back from that game in Richard Mee's car, me and Dave Cantor in the back, he played the same song repeatedly at full volume all the way home, insisting we learn the words. 'Wild West' by Escape Club.
It's on my MP3 today.
Good lad, great player and almost impossible to bowl at on his day.
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Richard · 145 weeks ago

I should say that my "order" to Belly (as it has been described) whilst said earnestly & straight-faced was, as ever, tongue-in-cheek.

I think the point I was making is that if you pick someone in a "best of..." based purely on reputation i.e. someone else's opinion, then you are actually picking someone else's "best of.." not your own. That is very different to picking someone based on your opinion of statistics, reports written at the time etc.
Good point Richard.
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Lats · 145 weeks ago

Is that how you justify omitting someone from your team who played 17 Tests and is one of only a handful of England players to play in 100 one-day Internationals, Dicky?!!
Lats, what about your Best Ever BCC XI? (You'd better leave me off the list otherwise there will be accusations of nepotism!)
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Richard · 145 weeks ago

Lats - Exactly. I have no idea how good he was at Brentwood. As we all know he only turned into a good player when he left Essex for the Promised Land of Warwickshire!
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Lats · 145 weeks ago

He kept me out of the team, Dicky?!!!

Nepotism Phil? That has never existed at BCC surely?
A few years ago, I persuaded Dad to play in Sunday 4th team game (wearing an Arran sweater). He might make another XI.

Nick is undoubtedly the best player I ever played with.
Justin Kenny is the 2nd.
The rest I'd have to think about. I'd like to have Reedy, Gavin Kenny, Fomesy and Gary Jones in the middle-order.
You might get skittled occasionally, but if you got 300, you'd have got them bloody quickly!
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Lats · 145 weeks ago

Ben keeping, else he'd never stop phoning me to complain he wasn't in the side.
Quicks Dickie Mee, Boden and Hastey, and as you can't have Crossley and Ben in the same team, Gooders providing the variation.
Mouse, if Fomesy gets another blob, you're in!
Tricky isn't it?
(Incidently, no players included that I didn't play with)
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Lats · 145 weeks ago

No Mick Jones? This is going to keep me awake tonight now.
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Kristen Ali · 85 weeks ago

I never realised that Darren Sammy played for Brentwood ! Is that the West Indies captain or a different person with the same name ?
Belly's answer:

The current West Indies captain managed to play one game I think in the League Cup around 6 years ago away at Leigh.

He was on the MCC Staff and so Jonny knew him and got him along. We had already signed up Sutho to play for us, so couldn’t have 2 overseas players
  1. Jonathan Walford
  2. Aaron West
  3. Nick Childs
  4. Alan Houston
  5. Ben Cocklin
  6. Damian Muncaster
  7. Neil Webb
  8. Paul Webb
  9. Micky Payne
  10. Tony Prior
  11. Ian Belchamber


Author Comments:

  1. J. Walford - Not only an outstanding cricketer, prolific run scorer and twice league winning captain but an extremely talented spoof player!
  2. A. West - Reminds me of the glory days when we opened the batting together with our complimenting styles (he isn't bad now either)
  3. N.Childs - Enough said
  4. A.Houston - The man who first gave me a chance in the mens teams and the most prolific 6th XI run scorer of all time (apparently he wasnt bad earlier in his career either)
  5. B.Cocklin - Quite simply a brentwood legend, also known as the rock for his determined batting displays but will long be remembered for his singing and dancing after a few pints!
  6. D.Muncaster - Writes a great match report and bowls tight offspin.
  7. N.Webb - Another brentwood legend, spins it more than shillingford and he let me use his bat in the 4th XI
  8. P.Webb - Batting a bit higher than usual but after his stubborn resistance against Ilford i think it was worthy. A regular drinking partner in the bar and fellow 1st XI hanger-on.
  9. M.Payne - swings the ball at pace, always has a story or two and loves buying jugs in the bar.
  10. T.Prior - Another fast bowler who swings it like a banana, good competition with Payne and more nicknames than anyone else in the club make prior an essential pick
  11. I.Belchamber - An ever present at the club, cant really bowl, cant bat at all, doesnt really drink but every team needs someone to score and put the flags out!
Almost made its:

J. Redwood - Let down by terrible spoof and length of time at the club, has potential for the future but needs to stop talking about winning the league 3 times

S.Poutney - Exceptional talent with the ipod of a saturday evening, needs to convert some good evening starts into messy hangovers and length of service again held against

T.Barbone - Great start to his career and after a rocky patch (see what ive done there) is coming good again. Hopefully will see full potential shortly.

Nick, not only are you the first person to vote for yourself, but your selection has pushed Ben into first spot!
... regarding No 11, you forgot to add 'write match reports', 'arrange fixtures' and probably quite a few other important behind-the-scenes tasks.
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Ken Lingwood · 127 weeks ago

Would I have got in if I hadn't said your Mum was a MILF?????
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Nick · 127 weeks ago

I think Ben deserves to occupy the top spot!

I thought the idea was that you had to select yourself - Much more fun to be part of it!

Yes we all know what a great job Belly does with regards to all the behind the scenes stuff but it is much more fun to be mean to him (and damo does write a better match report)

Ken - There is only room for one slogger in the team and i have taken that role on this occasion


  1. Nick Knight
  2. Jon Walford (Vice Capt)
  3. Aaron West
  4. Graeme Walker
  5. Damian Brandy
  6. James Redwood (Wkt)
  7. Jahid Ahmed
  8. Max Osborne
  9. Shane Shillingford
  10. Richard Whitehall (Capt)
  11. Ian Belchamber


Author Comments: nick knight played 100 odis for england so gets in quite comfortably.  jon walford - without him i dont honestly know where the club would be. we might be playing willowherbs sunday 3s if he hadnt scored the runs he has.  aaron west - great batsman, brilliant fielder and a decent bowler.  graeme walker - pure class in his younger days and use to catch pigeons at slip.  damian brandy - beautiful to watch when he gets going. incredible athlete in the field and a very good bowler.  james redwood - excellent gloveman, makes it look easy, elegant batsman. i didnt see enough of jeff salt or martin pether to judge them.  jahid ahmed - his only season that he played was a pleasure to keep to him. explosive batsman.  max osborne - ambles up to the crease and then releases hostility.never seen him drop a catch and smacks bowlers a very long way.  richard whitehall - he used to be very quick when he joined in 1997. he had the best never say die attitude in a cricketer i ever played with. great hands and scored valuable lower order runs. shane shillingford - it was almost impossible to score runs off shane. turned it both ways and at a good pace. he was the most difficult bowler i have ever kept to but it was a pleasure. great fielder and could bat when he wanted to.  ian belchamber - improves every year. he turns the ball a very long way and has developed a great arm ball. excellent throwing arm and im convinced 6 years ago he could bat.  players left out who were very close to selection were nigel porter, kevin crossley, micky davis, hrishikesh kanitkar, nick haste and dickie mee. my captain would be richard whitehall as he led poor teams by example. he was the strongest captain i played under, not in terms of bench pressing, but authority. he was a bit defensive so i have installed jon walford as vice to give him some advice which im sure richard will ignore.


Best Ever XI

  1. Jon Walford Jnr
  2. Graeme Walker
  3. Justin Kenny
  4. Richard Reid
  5. Micky Davis (Capt)
  6. Gary Jones
  7. Nick Haste
  8. Ben Cocklin
  9. Richard Mee
  10. Kevin Crossley
  11. Paul Lattimore


Author Comments:  The criteria for selection was players I'd played with or against, and as per league game, one overseas player. That choice went to Justin Kenny who was simply awesome.  I did play with John Walford senior in the third team many moons ago, but having bowled against Jonathan, I think the younger version just edges it.  Contrary to public opinion it wasn't that difficult to include my brother as keeper. His longevity in the side is due to his decent keeping, much improved batting and his "never say die" attitude. I'd like to also state that the fact he became best friends with the last six captains at the club was merely coincidental.  My choice of captain is Micky Davis, who during his tenure became an exceptional skipper.  Lastly, to form the most balanced of attacks, I have included Paul Lattimore. Although he has been a long standing friend, I firmly believe persistent injuries prevented him for being the best left arm seamer this club may have ever produced.

Comments (4)

Dan, considering the era you played in, I'm surprised to see Knight excluded. I also see that you have gone against the conventional wisdom of not having Ben and Kevin Crossley in the same team. One more thing, did you really mean 'Paul' or was that a typo?!
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Daniel Cocklin · 129 weeks ago

The criteria was players I'd played with or against. Sadly I never took the field with Nicholas Verity Knight. I did shower next to him once, but that doesn't count and that was mainly due to Tim Potter's insistence. Knighty was definately longest in the shower and Tim didn't sleep in weeks.
I was less than impressed, some years later when the club asked Nick to donate an England shirt, and he simply ignored the request.
I would doubt he's ever graced the O.C.G since he left Essex in 1994.Correct me if I'm wrong.
As for Ben and Crossley, I thought Ben had it in for him less than others I could mention.
Naming no names, but a certain opening 1st batsmen who I believe may have even been KC's best man or vice versa ,couldn't bring himself to talk to him after he'd left and vented his almost hatred of him on many occcassions......... allegedly
As I say, this guy wants to remain nameless so it would be reckless of me to mention him. Shame because this guy was mustard.
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ben cocklin · 129 weeks ago

although im sure no one is remotely interested i dont hate kevin crossley at all.i was disappointed that he left because he was so good and therefore weakened brentwood cc. the only thing that bothered me was that he wrote a letter to the club explaining his reasons for leaving which i  now appreciate were correct (the club lacked ambition and he wanted to better his cricket ).however he denied writing this letter ,which is the thing that annoyed me .kevin gave me my debut for the club and encouraged me throughout his time at bcc.he also helped me with my maths homework .i fully understand why he left the club when he did and i certainly dont harbour any grudges 18 years on .so i dont hate kevin crossley ,i respect him .
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Daniel Cocklin · 128 weeks ago

Oh I remember the song that we all sang about Kevin after a victory.Ben normally lead us into chants of.......
" We respect Crossley and we respect Crossley, we respect Crossley and we respect Crossley, we are the Crossley respectors"
Yes it really rolled off the tongue.

Best Ever Domestic XI

  1. J Whitcombe
  2. L Cole
  3. N Knight
  4. D Heywood
  5. B Baker
  6. J Salt
  7. P Brown
  8. K Pont
  9. W Bateman
  10. G Harries
  11. B Goodwin


Author Comments:  My team stretching over 41 years.  As good as the present team? Probably not but they would have given them a very hard game. GOOD LUCK for the next season.  The turncoat from Chelmer Park.

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El Presidente · 161 weeks ago

I know you're very old Keith, and your team incorporates pre-war players and contemporaries of yours, but who on earth is "D Heywood" ??
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Ken H · 160 weeks ago

There are many of us who remember David Haywood - he was a very hard hitting middle order left hand batsman if I remember correctly, former Cambridge Blue. Perhaps KG or JC will confirm?
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Ken H · 160 weeks ago

Sorry, should have said "There are NOT many of us who remember David Haywood"
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Tim Riley · 129 weeks ago

David Haywood.....
Taught Geography at Brentwood, batted left handed. Played for Notts I think and once twelfth manned in a test match. Was rumoured to hit the ball miles. Will have played for Brentwood in the early '70s.

Best Ever XI

  1. Nick Knight
  2. Justin Kenny
  3. Richard Reed
  4. Gavin Kenny
  5. Stuart Fomes
  6. Gary Jones
  7. Ben Cocklin
  8. Dickie Mee
  9. Dave Boden
  10. Nick Haste


Author Comments:  Nick is undoubtedly the best player I ever played with. Justin Kenny is the 2nd. The rest I'd have to think about. I'd like to have Reedy, Gavin Kenny, Fomesy and Gary Jones in the middle-order. You might get skittled occasionally, but if you got 300, you'd have got them bloody quickly!  Ben keeping, else he'd never stop phoning me to complain he wasn't in the side. Quicks Dickie Mee, Boden and Hastey, and as you can't have Crossley and Ben in the same team, Gooders providing the variation. Mouse, if Fomesy gets another blob, you're in! Tricky isn't it? (Incidentally, no players included that I didn't play with).

Best Ever XI
  1. Jonathan Walford
  2. Nick Knight
  3. Aaron West
  4. Micky Davis
  5. Damian Brandy
  6. Jahid Ahmed
  7. Graham Walker
  8. Martin Pether
  9. Keith Goodman
  10. Kevin Crossley
  11. Charles Kortright


Author Comments:  My biggest dilemma was not wanting to include players I hadn't seen personally, but feeling that it was impossible to leave certain people out. My selection of those players is based on match reports, hearsay, and success on the field.

By winning the league this year, the current 1st XI has provided tangible evidence that it is the best ever Brentwood side. Even though I only know Ben and Belly, I can't ignore what Jon Walford and others have achieved in recent years. If I were still able to get over to the OCG these days I suspect my selection would have included a few more current 1st XI players.

Likewise, I never saw one of the other players in my list. Charles Kortright played for Brentwood in the 1892 season and has been described as 'probably the fastest bowler in the history of the game'.

It is claimed he once bowled 6 byes; he battled with W G Grace; and he also featured in John Arlott's 'Best XI never to play Test cricket for England'. How can he be left out of a best-ever Brentwood side?

Mouse was a little Welsh terrier; a solid batsman, a great fielder, a real fighter, and an inspirational captain. The most enjoyable seasons I had were playing for the Sunday 1's under his captaincy.

Going back a long time, Peth and Kevin Crossley were always very special players to watch. Even when comparing them to good club cricketers, they were just in a different class.

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ben cocklin · 178 weeks ago

oi you know me . our friendship is now at an end .and did you have a special hand shake with peth. ? i think not .
Ben, the choice of wicketkeeper was really tough. I spent all of one night wondering .. Peth or Bob Golding, Peth or Bob Golding?? Of course, had I been around in recent years to be able to watch your emergence as a class middle-order batsman I might have changed my mind. I'm just an old fart and I think that's what swayed it. Are we still friends, and can we still do the special handshake next time I see you?
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ben cocklin · 177 weeks ago

phil we can still do our special hand shake but i might not make eye contact .
Ben, sorry about the earlier oversight. I think Alzheimer's is setting in.

Best Ever XI

  1. Trevor Coote
  2. Jason Swan
  3. Steve Morritt
  4. Ken Lingwood
  5. Zamir
  6. Barry Brooks
  7. Jimmy Lingwood
  8. Dean Goddard
  9. Rob Coote
  10. Tony Prior
  11. Paul Webb


Author Comments:  Maybe not the "best ever" BCC side, but most definitely the best fun. This was the famous 1999 "bellies out" 3rd XI match away at Wickford. Great mates, great team we were all Kings they were all........!!!!!!

Thinking about fun games, my mind goes back to those Sunday 1st XI games again ... any time that Ben's older brother was playing.
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The Chair · 178 weeks ago

No room for JP? That's a tough selection policy! How did we ever win any leagues with that bowling attack??!
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Stats · 85 weeks ago

JP has only just noticed that he is not included, he is surprisingly disappointed

  1. Mick Payne
  2. Kevin Brailey
  3. Chris Boon Snr
  4. Neil Webb
  5. Damian Muncaster
  6. Nick Childs
  7. Dave Barbone
  8. Ben Cocklin
  9. Ian Belchamber
  10. Richard Whitehall
  11. Peter Bainbridge


Author Comment:  Beings I for some strange reason have played my cricket in the mid to lower teams I thought I would pick a team not on ability but on who I would like to get drunk with in the bar afterwards.

My team:

  • Kevin Brailey. Excellent drinker of real ale. Always very good to discuss politics with and always buys his round.
  • Chris Boon Snr. Boony has got one of those faces that makes you laugh before he speaks and is a top quality funny dancer.
  • Neil Webb. Webby is a very good addition to the team as his old man is president of the club and there is an outside chance of getting afters.
  • D.Muncaster. I always think it is essential to have a bloke in the bar who looks like a 5.8" grey squirrel.
  • Nick Childs. The reasons Nick got in are I think you need a bit of youth in the bar and also he moans a lot less than his Dad.
  • Dave Barbone. Even though some people might say drinking red wine is a bit girly I dont agree. My only slight concern with Dave is trying to get his horrendous cricket jumper off his "lean" body after the game. If it cannot be removed then I can see him overheating in the clubhouse afterwards.
  • Ben Cocklin. I had to put Ben in the team because I have never been in the bar without seeing him in there. I did try and get Katie in as well but decided that I will organize a night out for her instead, where she will have some engaging conversation and a lot of laughs (unlike her normal Saturday Nights). Therefore she will be taken out for a lovely meal with Ash, Ken Hobbs and Alan Houston.
  • Ian Belchamber. I think its worth having Belly in the team. If some stray women come into the club they always eye up Belly he entices them over. Once he starts speaking to them they then check all the other blokes out.
  • Richard Whitehall. If rather than women turn up at the bar but a bunch of thugs then the first person they would hit would be Dicky. Whilst this was happening we could all run away.
  • Pete Bainbridge. I would have him in my team because the expression on his face does not change if he has 1 pint or 12.

My 12th man would be Tony Prior. His job would be to find someone else to play if anyone blew out. Obviously put the stumps out and score and make sure everything is put away after the game. Beings we are getting on better nowadays I would allow him to come into the bar when someone is in the toilet or popped out for a fag. When the team are all in he can wait outside. I will lend him an umbrella if it starts to rain.

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Richard · 126 weeks ago

MJ - May I say how proud and honoured I am to be selected by one of my top 3 cricketers (behind Max Osborne, Gladstone Small & Gary Mabbutt). I am also impressed by your generosity in allowing Tony Prior to be part of your squad. Whilst clearly TP is not even half the bowler you are, he is fit to lace your boots and it is nice of you to allow him to do so. Just one question regarding the bunch of thugs - Would they hit me because I am the tallest or because I'm a bit of a *%!^.
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Mick Payne · 126 weeks ago

A bit of both really but mainly because your tall.
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sam ali · 126 weeks ago

I'm not your friend anymore boohoo....
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ben cocklin · 126 weeks ago

i am honoured to be in the side .with regards to dicky ,the reason why some thugs (or ushers) would like to bop you on the nose is because you can be argumentative , supercillious and a :%$* from time to time . anyway back to the side ,id love to get embroiled in a political discussion with red kev and bernie grant .could you let tp get a little bit wet ,whereby he would be uncomfortable but not completely drenched ? by the way im not advocating tp getting wet at all as i like him .its just a suggestion .mick when i post my best ever team i will include a coach driver .
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Baino · 126 weeks ago

This is one of the proudest moments in my career. I'm not a big one for stats, but the average alcohol consumption per head would be a phenomenal figure. Puts the rest of the club's shandy drinkers to shame. As for my never-changing expression, I think I did at least raise an eyebrow at the dinner and dance when I was told that Ryan Barker was front-runner to be 3rd XI captain next season.

Best Ever XI

  1. Nick Knight
  2. Graham Walker
  3. Richard Reed
  4. Jeff Salt (Wkt.)
  5. Mickey Davis
  6. Brian Baker (Capt.)
  7. Peter Brown
  8. Bill Bateman
  9. Richard Mee
  10. Gwynne Harries
  11. Keith Goodman


Author Comments:  My team is selected from all the players I took the field with during my time at the club excluding all those from overseas.

I joined as a twelve year old in 1971, scoring for the first XI on Saturdays and Sundays. There was no colts section and only two teams on each day of the weekend. Annual Subs for a Full Playing Member were £5.25p. Match Fees thirty seven and a half pence! Yes, I was in 'Life on Mars' the first time round. I began playing for the mens teams three years later.

Apart from one season at Hutton I played every year until I left in 1993. Any players after this date I have not considered.

NICK KNIGHT opened the batting with me during his first season at the club and it was obvious from he start he was a class act. His medium pace bowling complimented his batting and he was a brilliant fielder in any position. Just when batsmen thought they had the measure of them he would slip in a wicked bouncer. As I always stood up to the stumps to him it kept me on my toes too.

Along with Nick, GRAHAM WALKER and RICHARD REED were members of the side that nearly won the league in the 1980's. Both were super confident in their own abilities and on their day either one could take any bowling attack apart.

Perhaps it is forgotten that SALTY first played as a wicket-keeper/batsman but gave up the gloves to give youth a chance. Jeffrey added some northern wit, grit and stacks of runs. He is also keeping wicket in my team.

MICKEY 'MOUSE' DAVIS was a fantastic fielder and the most effective middle-order batsman. Full of energy he always took the attack to the bowlers. Always a positive influence in any team he played in.

BRIAN BAKER shared the First XI captaincy with Bobby Mayes throughout the 1970's and was an elegant left-handed batsman. He was also a brilliant short leg/leg slip fielder. What tips the balance for him however was his captaincy. The best I ever played under.

One more wicket in a fixture against Hadleigh in the mid 1970's when they were nine wickets down and Brentwood would have won the league a few decades sooner than they did. Two bowlers from that era are PETER BROWN and GWYNN HARRIES. Peter as a quick bowler was the complete package. Swing, seam and most importantly pace with control. Gwynn was medium/quick and always on the money, doing just enough to beat the bat. He always wanted me to stand up to the stumps when he bowled. Batsmen were so suprised when he sent one down the leg side I always had the chance of a stumping.

RICHARD 'DICKIE' MEE was another wicket-taking bowler. When he put it all together his in-swing bowling at fast/medium was as stern a test as any batsman could face.

Left arm spin would be provided by another player from a bit further back, BILL BATEMAN. Bill extracted the maximum turn from every pitch he played on. With all the subtle variations of a master craftsman he had the 'bottle' to take on the best.

Off-spinner KEITH GOODMAN completes the team. Keith's wonderful control was acquired from hours of practice. He would first stop the batsman scoring, then make them hit the ball straight down the throat of one of his carefully positioned fielders. Simple!

PAUL 'TIGER' ADAMS would have to be the umpire and of course CHRIS STUART the scorer.

All played the game in the correct spirit. To win and have fun. It would have been great in the bar too!



Best Ever XI

  1. David Smith
  2. Shane Surujbally
  3. Nick Childs
  4. Dean Goddard
  5. Ken Lingwood (Capt)
  6. Trevor Coote (Vice capt)
  7. Alex Priddle
  8. Ash Patel
  9. Tim Barbone
  10. Darren Clements
  11. Peter Bainbridge

Author Comments: All players I picked I have played with at some time or other for Brentwood.

  • David Smith: Steady dependable and technically correct, for me the perfect opener.
  • Shane Surujbally: Light the blue touchpaper and retire to a safe distance and watch the fireworks.
  • Nick Childs: Another technically gifted player with flair, very entertaining.
  • Dean Goddard: Top bloke great all-rounder, the man to turn to if you needs to get the scoreboard ticking.
  • Ken Lingwood: Inspirational skipper and calypso batsman "come and watch me bat" Always going for the win "we're all Kings....."
  • Trevor Coote: Knows just about everything there is to know about cricket and not a bad bat either, some of my best cricketing moments were batting with Wimpey.
  • Alex Priddle: Gloveman, batsman and 2nd longest in the shower.
  • Ash Patel: Bowls both seam up and spin, and bats like he taught KP himself.
  • Tim Barbone: Rocky, a match winning spinner and all rounder.
  • Darren Clements: Quiet unassuming Aussie, with fire in his belly,&

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