Jack Petchey Foundation

                                               Jack Petchey Foundation


Jack Petchey was born in 1925 and brought up in the East End of London with few luxuries. He left school to work in an office for twelve shillings and six pence (62.5p) a week.

After the war he set up his own car hire business, which developed into car sales - by 1959 he was selling nearly 20 cars a week, and had 40 hire cars on the road.

By 1969 Jack Petchey had branched out into property development and through this became a leading entrepreneur and one of the most successful businessmen in Britain.

In 2004 Jack Petchey was awarded the OBE in recognition of his contribution to young people.

Brentwood Cricket Club has been awarded the Gold Achievement Award Scheme for 2009 by the Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award Programme. This means that each year, under the current scheme particulars, £1,800 will be awarded to the club to spend on equipment and projects.

The Jack Petchey Foundation, established in 1999, gives various awards and grants to programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11 - 25. The Foundation is eager to help young people take full advantage of opportunities and play their part in society.

Grants are given through different programmes including: Achievement Award Scheme, Leader Award Scheme, Projects Grants, Sponsorships and Sports kit [not footwear].The scheme provides useful additional funds for schools, clubs and youth organisations.

Grants of over £50 million have been given since the Foundation was established in 1999. The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme is very popular and widely used. It started in East London but now operates in all London boroughs and in Essex.

Having now been granted the Jack Petchey Gold Award Scheme, what are the benefits to Brentwood Cricket Club?

  1. The Achievement Award and Leadership Schemes now enable our Club to recognise the effort, endeavour and achievement of young people in a practical and positive way.
  2. The scheme provides useful additional funds for the Club.
  3. Three Award Winners will be accredited with the Jack Petchey Achievement Award in the Spring / Summer / Autumn, totalling nine award winners per full year. Each award winner will be given:
    1. a framed certificate
    2. and £200 to donate to the Cricket Club
  4. Once your organisation has been participating in the Achievement Award Scheme for at least six months your organisation can nominate an adult in your organisation for a Leadership Award every year.

On an annualised basis The Brentwood Colts Committee Members and Award Winners will under the current Gold Achievement and Leadership Award schemes have not less than £1,800.00 to spend on club necessities.

The club can also apply for an annual matched grant towards a specific project and a sponsorship towards sports kit [£500 per club not footwear].

Also each winning person from the achievement and leadership award schemes will have the opportunity to attend an official Jack Petchey Foundation Central Award Presentation [normally held at the Mermaid Conference & Events Centre London] and will be given a commemorative medallion for there Achievement.

                                                   The Jack Petchey Achievement Award



  • 2008: David Barbone


CONGRATULATIONS! to Dave Barbone who has been awarded the 'Jack Petchey Leadership Award 2008' for his outstanding work with young people at Brentwood Cricket Club.

Below is a short accreditation of Dave's numerous achievements at club written by Jon Coote (Hon Colts Treasurer) who himself is a Brentwood Cricket club member of some 40 years standing.


Dave will receive £1,000.00 from the 'Jack Petchey Foundation' to spend on a project of his choice after a consultation with the members of the 'Brentwood Colts Executive Committee'.

I first met David about 7 years ago when I ran the Brentwood Cricket Club under 11's and David asked if son, Tim, could join our colt's section. David turned out to be just the type of parent I wanted to have; happy to let his child find his own level within the club, supportive of what we were trying to achieve and responsive when it came to helping with any task that I needed done.

Gradually David became more involved in the Club as a whole. He joined us as a senior playing member and even though he was an excellent cricketer in his own right he was happy to play in one of the Club's lower sides where he could lend support to its policy of developing younger players. In other words here was a man who was willing to put back into the game something that he had got from it.

A year or two after David joined the Club I became Colts Section Chairman and David joined our Committee where he was always very supportive of what we were trying to achieve. Under my stewardship our Colt's section made steady progress but in hindsight there were obviously opportunities that I overlooked and after 5 years in charge other commitments meant that I was looking to hand over the reigns.

I would love to say that I was grooming David as my successor but I can't and as so often is the case in amateur sports clubs one is grateful just to find a some one to take over a position. That is exactly what happened two years ago when David replaced me as Chairman of the Colt's section.

It was soon obvious that we had found a gem. Here was a leader with real vision of what could be achieved with the Colt's section. David through his leadership skills immediately had success in involving more parents in the administration of the Colt's section. Over the past two years we have found some really hard working, enthusiastic parents who have made fantastic contributions to not only the Colt's section but also Brentwood Cricket Club as a whole. David also had the foresight to realise that if we invested in additional qualified coaches we would attract more children to the Club. This has proved to be the case as colts membership during David's tenure has increased from 90 to 220.

It is to David's great credit that under his leadership over the past 2 years our numbers have more than doubled, the standard of coaching has improved, more children are getting opportunities to play in matches and tournaments and there has been a massive investment in our practice and match facilities.

David is a worthy nomination for a Jack Petchey Leadership Award for 2008.

January 2008

  • 2007: Ken Hobbs

CONGRATULATIONS! to Ken Hobbs who has been awarded the 'Jack Petchey Leadership Award 2007' for his outstanding work with young people at Brentwood Cricket Club. Below is a short report of Ken's 30 years with the club written by Jon Coote (Hon Colts Treasurer) and a club member of some 40 years.

Ken will receive £1,000.00 from the 'Jack Petchey Foundation' to spend on a project of his choice after a consultation with the members of the 'Brentwood Colts Executive Committee'.


Ken Hobbs joined Brentwood Cricket Club as a 15 year old in the late 1960s and has filled various voluntary positions in the club for over 30 years.

He has always held a strong belief in promoting youth cricket within the Club and whenever he has had the opportunity to put his belief into practice he has taken it. In the late 1980s when the Club felt that a Sunday 3rd XI was the best place to give young teenagers their first taste of adult cricket it was Ken that volunteered to lead the side. There could have been no better leader for the Club's youngsters: Ken filled the role in a selfless manner believing that the youngsters should be given every opportunity to fulfil their individual potential and experience the benefits of teamwork.

By the mid 1990s Ken had become so convinced of the need for the Club to have a strong Youth Section that he volunteered to take over as the Club's Colts Organiser. At that time the Club's Youth Section was not very strong and only had 45 members. Ken totally committed himself to the role so much so that within 5 years colts' numbers had doubled and within 10 years they had trebled. The increase was achieved on the back of high quality coaching and giving the children a seamless transition from being introduced to the game at the age of 7 through to be integrated into the adult teams in their early teens. The recent success of the Club's 1st XI can be traced back to the work Ken has put in over the last 10 years.

So committed has Ken been to giving youth its chance within the club that he has volunteered to skipper newly formed league sides in order to ensure that as many children as possible had the opportunity at a young age to play together in adult cricket. In 1997 he led the newly formed fourth Saturday league side and in 2000 he assisted in the formation of a 5th XI. By 2002 his policy of promoting youth had become so successful that Ken moved from the 5th XI to lead a 6th XI. This was a landmark for Essex cricket as Brentwood CC became the first club to have 6 sides in the County's premier league.

Literally hundreds of children in the Brentwood area have benefited from Ken's hard work and commitment to youth cricket. All of this has been done in an understated and selfless manner that it is so typical of the man. Ken is a very worthy winner of our 'Jack Petchey Leadership Award 2007'.


January 2013 award winner - Luke Brailey aged 13

Luke has been a member of the cricket club since 2007 and has represented his district and county. As one of the most experienced players in the Under-13 team, he is always eager to help with the younger team members, often allowing other less talented players to play a fuller role than himself, to allow them time to learn and grow. He often keeps wicket when the need arises despite his love of bowling. He attends Friday night training virtually every week. Last year, Luke started to play adult cricket where he loves to try to outscore his father. Luke is nominated for this award for being a polite, highly-motivated team player. 

Luke’s £200 award will be used towards a team building day for his U13 team. He feels that this will be a great way to start the season, after perhaps not seeing each other over the winter period.

February 2013 award winner - George Bull aged 13

Like Luke, George has been a member of the cricket club for 7 years. He plays in the same team as Luke and quite often, captains the side. He does this with great skill and ensures everyone in the team is in the game the whole time. A regular at training, he is a polite and enthusiastic member of the team, always willing to help others, so they can learn from his knowledge of the game. George is particularly enjoying the longer format of the game whether 30 or 40 overs and is looking forward to the opportunity of playing adult cricket with his peers and coaches. George is nominated for this award for being an enthusiastic cricketer who is eager to learn more about the game and to develop as a better cricketer.

George's £200 award will also be used for the team building day for the U13 team. The day will involve team events to build trust, commitment and fun, which in turn they can take to the cricket pitch.

March 2013 award winner - Luke Ranns aged 15

Luke only joined the club in 2011, but this has not stopped him enjoying the game. Although a quite boy, this has not stopped his enjoyment and enthusiasm. He attends training every week where he is always polite to the coaches. This year, he has started to help the coaches with the younger age groups and has been doing this since the start of the season. From this, he hoping to do his Young Leaders course during the season. This season Luke has started to play adult cricket for Brentwood 5th and the captain has commented on his excellent attitude to the game and to fellow cricketers. He is always ready to assist with scoring or umpiring. Luke is nominated for this award for helping with the younger colts every week. 

Luke’s £200 award will be used for a Young Leaders Course. This will allow himself and others to be trained by specialist coaches, so they can help with more of the training for the younger members each week. 

April 2013 award winner - Edward Brown aged 15

Edward has been a member of the club for over 8 years. He attends training regularly. He is always a quiet and polite boy who has blossomed into a good player this year. Having not played regularly over the last few years, due to other commitments and injury, he has come back this year and has hit the ground running. He has started to play regular adult cricket and this year had a fantastic match where he scored 74 runs, his highest score in adult and colts cricket to date! He also helps coach the younger members and is hoping to do his Young Leaders course during the season. Edward is nominated for his award for his 74 runs, his highest score to date. 

Edward’s £200 award will also be used for a Young Leaders Course. This will allow himself and others to be trained by specialist coaches, so they can help with more of the training for the younger members each week. This is also the first step to becoming a qualified cricket coach.

May 2013 award winner - Dean Ahmad aged 14

Dean transferred to our club a couple of years ago, and stood out from day one. A very enthusiastic cricketer, he is always willing to take part in any match and do anything to help the team win. Having made his debut this year in our U16 team, he was supportive in the field and encouraging to all the players, even though they were older than himself. He attends training every week and has also started to help the coaches with coaching the younger members on a Friday evening. He will also be doing his Young Leaders course this year. Dean is nominated for his award for always being positive and for helping with the younger members of the club

Deans £200 award will be used towards a new boundary rope for our second pitch. This pitch is used, on Saturdays, by our 3rd & 4th adult teams with is made up, primarily, of our U13 and above age groups, and also on Sundays, by our Colts teams. 

June 2013 award winner - Daniel Peakall aged 12

Daniel has been a member of the club for about 5 years. A strong cricketer, who normally bats and bowls, he has started to wicket keep this year. This developed as, during a few matches, the team did not have a keeper. Daniel was willing to give it a go, to help the team out. He is a popular team member who is regularly playing in our U13 A team and making an impact.  Daniel is nominated for his award for being a true team player by taking on a role of wicket keeper to support the team.

Daniel’s £200 award will be used towards a new boundary rope for our second pitch. This pitch is used, on Saturdays, by our 3rd & 4th adult teams with is made up, primarily, of our U13 and above age groups, and also on Sundays, by our Colts teams.

July 2013 award winner – Harry Kimble aged 14

Harry is a very endearing and likeable lad who gets on well with his team mates in whichever team he plays - colts or adult. More importantly, he has made great strides to improve his cricketing ability both in his bowling and batting. This is all the more remarkable when you consider that Harry has an unfortunate physical impediment which means his range of athletic abilities are somewhat limited - not that you would notice it, such is his determination. In training and in playing he has improved remarkably year by year. There is no hesitation in selecting Harry  to play for the U15s on merit. Harry is nominated for this award for perseverance to become a better cricketer and an all round team player.

Harry’s £200 award will be used towards the cost of a new remote control for the electronic scoreboard on the refurbished back pitch. This pitch is used by the U13’s and above colts teams. The total cost is approximately £800.

August 2013 award winner – James Jensen aged 13

James' enthusiasm for cricket shines through and is reflected in his dedication to training. This has resulted in him making massive strides in his batting, bowling and fielding, to such an extent that he has forced his way into the U13A team a year early. He has a very positive attitude and is a popular team member. James is nominated for this award for his dedication in training and willingness to learn from the older colts.

James’ £200 award will be used towards the cost of a new remote control for the electronic scoreboard on the refurbished back pitch. This pitch is used by the U13’s and above colts teams. The cost is approx. £800. 

September  2103 award winner – Toby Gifford aged 13

Toby has worked hard on his all-round game and has become a valuable member of the U13A team even though playing up a year. He is a talented leg-spinner who has taken many wickets this season and has scored runs thanks to a very solid technique. He has a very good attitude and listens to his coaches. Toby rarely misses a training session and can often be seen at the nets outside of normal training practicing. Toby is nominated for this award for his consistent wicket taking and for being a great role model at the club

Toby’s £200 award will be used to purchase new chairs and tables for use on the refurbished back pitch, used by the colts. These can then be kept in the container next to this pitch and will be used by the spectators. The tables will be used for refreshments and scoring.

July 2012 award winner - Ewan Smith aged 14

Ewan is a very dedicated and enthusiastic cricketer, who has been a member of the club for five years.  He has not missed a training session all season and even when training was over, he could be still be seen in the nets practicing. He is a keen team player who never complains,  despite often finding himself not getting a bat or keeping wicket.  Sometime if he is not selected to play, he will still come along and support the other players, enforcing the team spirit. In the five years, since he joined the club, he has grown on confidence and maturity, taking on board what he has been taught by the coaches, and putting it into good practice. A popular member of the team, Ewan truly deserves his award.

Ewan's £200 award will be used to purchase coconut matting which can be used to soak up the water around the square, allowing more games to be played and not called off due to the weather. Something that happened a lot last season!

August 2012 Award winner - Aaron West aged 21

Aaron joined Brentwood in 2006 as a 15 year old, establishing himself in the adults 2nd XI almost immediately. A few years later, he was a regular 1st team player, scoring 674 Premier League runs and had establish himself in the Essex 2nd XI side, where,  in 2011, he was offered a summer contract. He has subsequently become a genuine all rounder, taking regular wickets, alongside his batting, which saw him top score within the club in 2012 with over 1,400 runs. Even though he has been successful in his own cricketing career, he has alway taken the time to give back to the younger members of the club. A regular face at training over the years, has given him the appetite to coach, remembering what it was like to be eager to learn the next skill. He has qualified as a Level 1 coach, and two years ago, became a Level 2 coach. Although, he is now in full time employment, he still coaches every week, inspiring younger cricketers to follow his example. 

Since joining, Aaron has become an extremely visible and popular member of the club. He sets a good example to the younger members, and will always spent time showing them how they can improve. He is an asset to the club.

Aarons £200 award will be used as part of the cost for his Club Coach qualification. This will allow him to coach the younger members to a higher level, improving the standard of all the younger age groups

September 2012 Award winner - Tom Wingrove aged 14

Tom Wingrove deserves his award for his all round contribution to Brentwood Colts, in general, and to the U13 team in particular. Tom Is an excellent role model for all the other players in his age group. He is always very supportive of the other players. He encourages those who are not as good as him, both in matches and during training sessions. He has a regular smile and his enthusiasm rubs off on all the other players, even when is games has not gone how he would like!  He is particularly helpful to the younger players, ensuring they do not feel overawed by older, bigger and more experienced players. Last winter, he captained the indoor side that won the Chelmsford league and led the outdoor U 13 team in some excellent cricket. Whilst they did not win any big trophies, the team did win praise from umpires, opposition managers and captains for their excellent behavior and spirit with which they played. He is a polite and talented cricketer, who encourages on and off the field. A well deserved winner of the award - Well done Tom!

Tom’s £200 award will be used to purchase  some good quality weatherproof large holdalls, with wheels to store cricket equipment that needs added protection.

June 2012: Aaron Doyle

Aaron has been a member of Brentwood Cricket Club since he was 7 years old. He a talented sportsman that plays Hockey to County standards, and is now involved with umpiring the game. As a cricketer, he is a keen player, always encouraging his team mates. Although a quiet young man, he is very responsible and a joy to have in a team. He is a regular player for the adult’s 5th team, when he is a good solid all rounder. Aaron deserves his award for his continuing commitment to the game.  Aaron's award will pay for 3 sets of metal return stumps and the cost of a young leaders course.

  • May 2012: James Bainbridge

James has been a keen cricketer, almost before he could walk. Trying to follow in his fathers footsteps, he has always been eager to learn and develop his talent as a good, solid player. His love of cricket shines through whenever you see him play.  At a young age, he was awarded certificates during training sessions for his positive attitude.  A quiet, polite and well behaved member of the club, he should be proud of his achievements so far.  James’ award will pay for the cost of moving the old adults electronic score board onto the colts pitch.

  • April 2012: Jack Gunn

Jack has been a member of Brentwood Cricket Club for 3 years. He is a natural sportsman, enjoying football, golf, and cricket. He listens carefully to his coaches and is keen to learn new skills. Jack is always polite and well behaved, saying thank you after training and matches. He went along to our indoor final, as the extra player and even though he did not play and he was really positive throughout, encouraging all the other players and enjoying the team success. He is an excellent role model for others. Well done Jack. An award fully deserved.  Jack's award will pay for 3 swiss balls and pumps & 6 tennis racket.

  • March 2012: Kieran Emmanuel

In the two years Kieran has been at Brentwood Cricket Club he has made a significant impact for all teams he has played for. Kieran has been a valuable member of the Under 13 colts team, a team which has won the prestigious Peter Coe County Cup in successive seasons. He is also regular player of adult cricket and  has so far represented the 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd X1’s.  Kieran is a technically correct left hand batsman and a talented wicketkeeper and he has clearly excelled in the adult environment. One of Kieran’s many attributes is that he is keen to improve all aspects of his game. I have been impressed with his commitment and enthusiasm during training both during winter and summer sessions. He is a courteous and enthusiastic cricketer, who is receptive to all advice and instruction and he has also been keen to pass on his expertise to younger players.  Kieran is an excellent team member who is extremely popular with his peers and adult colleagues. He is a superb ambassador for the club and an excellent role model.  Kieran’s award will pay for 8 Vortex’s and 5 stopwatches

  • February 2012: James Berry

James is a very quiet and unassuming young boy, with an abundance of talent. He is now in his 8th year at Brentwood CC. He is a very determined boy, with plenty of enthusiasm for cricket who gives his all, whether he is batting, bowling or fielding. He is well liked by his teammates.  James too has achieved the honourable position of representing Essex County side in the past 4 seasons for his age group.  He played a pivotal part in the U13A’s success in the Peter Coe cup last season. There is little doubt that James’ talent will continue to flourish as he passes through the colts sections in the years to come.  James’ wards will pay for 3 new catching mitts.

  • January 2012: Matthew Bell

Matthew has been playing at Brentwood CC for 7 seasons now. He is an exceptionally talented young cricketer, whose ability has grown from strength to strength over the past seasons, achieving the honourable position of representing the Essex County side over the past 3 seasons for his age group.  Matthew has shown great all-round ability, including leadership skills, and is well liked and respected amongst his teammates. He Captained the Brentwood U13A side last year and led them to success by winning the prestigious Peter Coe Cup.  He is keen, enthusiastic and has a great appetite for the game, which has also brought him success in the adult section, where he has featured in Brentwood’s 3rd, 4th and 5th XIs.  He was voted player of the year for the 5th XI in the 2011 season.  Matthew award will pay for - 4 packs of 2 wobble mats and 3 medicine balls of various weights.

September 2011: Lewis Cowling - U15

Lewis has been a member of Brentwood Cricket Club seemingly since he was old enough to hold a cricket ball. To say he loves cricket would be an understatement! He has taken part in almost everything he could possibly have done! Having worked his way through form U11s, this year he has played in the U15s as well as playing in our senior sides. He has shown real talent, taking wickets regularly and proving hard to play for the adults playing against the 6th XI. Lewis is always willing to help and is a pleasure to have in the team. We look forward to seeing him continue playing for the club and perhaps taking part in our Young Leader programme this year.

August 2011: Finlay Denny - U13

Finlay joined Brentwood CC three seasons ago new to cricket. He played in our U11B team in his first season and as a natural sportsman he soon picked up the skills. He can turn his hand to bowling, fielding and wicket keeping and is a useful batsman as well, making him a valuable asset to any side. Finlay plays a number of other sports - representing Essex in tennis for example and as one would expect from a sportsman of his ability he works hard to hone his skills. This year he represented our U13As playing in the successful Peter Coe winning side and he has also played in our senior sides. Finlay is a good team player, encouraging team mates and giving 100% effort in everything he does.

July 2011: Adam Jensen - U15

Adam has been a member of Brentwood Cricket Club since he was a young boy and this year he played in our U15 team. Adam rarely misses a training session and can often be seen at the nets outside of normal training practicing. He has also played a very active part in our training clinics. In the last year Adam has passed his Young Leader course (courtesy of an earlier Petchey award) and as a consequence has joined our coaching team. He has supported our coaches by helping to coach the younger children on Friday nights. Adam has also run some matches for our U11s - warming up the team and being there as a very strong role model for the youngsters. Adam thoroughly deserves this award - he is a credit to his club.

June 2011: Will Daly - U11

Will joined Brentwood as a new cricketer when he was 10 and began life in the U11B team along with lots of other children who were new to cricket. It was obvious straight away that Will was a natural sportsman - he plays football to a high standard for Southend FC, and other sports he is involved in include golf and cross country.

He very quickly proved that he is prepared to listen, learn and develop. He soon began taking wickets but in those early days was unable to get much power behind the ball with the bat. He could however score quick singles - he is like a whippet between the stumps! He showed that he wanted to learn and practice proper technique. He has continued to build on his skills and now is a regular in the U15B squad - while he is still in the U13 age group. The first time he turned out for the 15s, he rescued the match - lots of batsmen had fallen very cheaply but Will demonstrated superb straight batplay and carried his bat to see us out. This sealed his place and he became a regular opener for the 15s.

Will displays a superb attitude in matches and training - he is very serious about his commitment to the team and always gives 110%. He is a pleasure to have in any team and Brentwood CC are proud he is one of our members.

May 2011: George Wingrove - U13

George has been a member of Brentwood Cricket Club for seven years. He is a keen and enthusiastic cricketer who can bat anywhere and bowls useful medium pace. In 2009 George won the most improved player in the Under 13 squad,

primarily for his batting, and it is pleasing to say that George has remained committed to improving his all round skills.

As a bowler, George has spend considerable time learning the art of swing bowling and this summer his diligent practice has been paying dividends as he has been successful in all games he has played. George's improvement has also been recognized by other team managers. Over the past two years George has been called up to play in the Under16 match play team. George's enthusiasm and commitment make him an integral part of the Under 15 squad.

In April 2011, George attended the 'Young Leaders' course and this has enabled him to become involved in Brentwood Cricket Club's Colt's coaching system - has proved to be a reliable and dedicated 'young leader' and many young cricketers are beginning to benefit from his mature and skilled approach. It is pleasing to see a young student, on the first rungs of the coaching ladder, put into practice all the advice and techniques learned on the leaders course.

George is role model for his peers and is recommended without hesitation for a Jack Petchey award.

April 2011: Jack Lambert - U13

Jack has been a member of Brentwood Cricket Club for seven years. Throughout his time at the club he has shown that he is the consummate team player. Jack will play for any team he is selected to play in with enthusiasm and commitment. He will offer support and encouragement to all team colleagues even when things are 'not going his way'.

Jack's good humour and infectious enthusiasm are essential attributes in helping to build team spirit and as a team manager it is refreshing to have such a selfless individual within the team. Jack is keen to improve his

cricketing skills. He readily seeks advice and will always work diligently at training, developing his technique and working hard on his fitness . Jack is a medium fast bowler and a 'hard hitting' middle order batsman. On several occasions Jack has rescued the team with a quick fire innings or important wickets. He was also a valued member of the victorious Under 13 squad, which won the Peter Coe trophy in 2010.

March 2011: Jack Payne

Jack has been playing cricket at Brentwood Cricket Club since he was six. For his age Jack is a very athletic and skilful cricketer. He is a strong batsman who hits the ball very hard and, after a number of changes has settled on bowling offspin, to great effect. His fielding is also very strong, and he has a strength of throw that would put many adult cricketers to shame! However what stands out above all else is Jacks overwhelmingly positive attitude. During his five years at the club he has ever been in a bad mood, is always helpful, supports his team mates and enjoys himself.

Jack is a brilliant team player, who helps others to achieve as well as himself.

February 2011: Daniel Peston

Daniel shows a very strong commitment to training. Over the winter he worked very hard indeed and the result has been a real improvement in his match performances, particularly with the bat. Daniel was selected as a member of the Indoor League team and his batting played a positive part in many of the results and he (and we) particularly enjoyed his 50 in one of the matches - a match where he was captain as well. He is a very strong team player and shows a real willingness to listen and learn. A worthy and deserved nomination for the award.

January 2011: Bradley Cole - U13

Although Bradley only joined Brentwood Cricket Club in 2010 he has made a significant contribution to the Colts team. Bradley is a wholehearted cricketer who always gives maximum effort. Bradley trains diligently with considerable enthusiasm and he is receptive to all advice and instruction. He clearly wants to improve all aspects of his game.

Throughout the 2010 season, Bradley was a first choice member of the successful Under 13 team that won the district cup and the prestigious Peter Coe cup. In every game Bradley was the consummate team player, always

encouraging others, playing with total commitment and helping to promote the core values of Brentwood CC and cricket in general. In the district cup final he played a match winning performance by taking three key Springfield wickets in two overs.

Bradley displays great maturity for a young player and it was because of these outstanding qualities that he was awarded the Under13 clubman of the year trophy in 2010. It is without hesitation that he is nominated him for a Jack Petchey award.

September 2010: Thomas Durowse - U13

Since starting playing cricket at the age of 8 and joining the club at the age of 9, Thomas has always been very keen to enjoy his cricket through teamwork and training. Thomas has yet to miss a winter training session and attends summer training initiatives where possible, including of course the regular Friday night sessions.

Thomas has increased his all-round sporting interest through rugby. Initially he played rugby union but three years ago he switched codes to rugby league with the Brentwood Elvers . Last year he was awarded Coaches Player of the Year and Players Player of the Year. This year he has played "up" a year for the U13s. The U13s have had a distinguished season where they have not only become London League Champions but have been undefeated all season.

Thomas is a pleasant easy-going character who is determined to make a contribution to the team and willing to help whenever asked.

More recently Thomas has completed an Orchid Charity bicycle ride to raise funds and awareness for men's cancer.

Thomas has represented Brentwood Cricket Club from U11s whenever asked and will bat bowl or just field as required. The physical strength he is gaining will assist his cricket in moving to the next level. A show of his character is he is as gracious in both victory and defeat and is always on of the first to approach the other team at the end of a match. His general approach is the epitome of teamwork.

Congratulations to Thomas, who will soon also be deciding how the club will spend his £200 grant.

August 2010: Kristen Ali - U15

Kristen joined Brentwood CC three years ago having moved to the area from Ilford. He showed promise from an early age playing for the Essex Metropolitan District side. He was particularly strong as a batsman, able to find the boundary with ease from a very young age.

Kristen probably spends more hours at the cricket ground than anyone else in the entire club, attending coaching clinics, training sessions and as many matches as he is allowed to play in! He has represented U11, U13 and U15 in the Colts and in both our Saturday senior sides and the Sunday Victorians side.

During 2010 Kristen took his Young Leaders course and since then has hardly missed a session supporting the coaches on Friday evening. He has supported Jan and Sophie with our youngest children as well as helping out other groups. Any job he is asked to do he will do without complaint. He ran a number of matches during the summer - a number of U9 tournament fixtures as well helping Jan West out with other matches as and when she needed.

Congratulations to Kris who, like Max, will be asked to decide from our new 'wish list' how his grant will be used.

July 2010: Max Beckett - U15

Having joined the club 3 years ago from Shenfield, Max has taken every opportunity to develop his cricket skills. This year he has represented the successful U15 side, and has hugely enjoyed playing adult cricket too. Indeed Max will always remember his first wicket in adult cricket this season, when he clean bowled Shenfield's opening bat, who was none other than the senior colts coach at Max's former club!

Max is always very keen to learn, being ever present at Monday night training, and at his 1:1's with our overseas pro, right through the summer. Max also qualified as a Young Leader this season; he's received some very positive feedback from the senior coaches and his mature approach sets a good example to the younger colts. Having really enjoyed his Young Leader duties, Max plans to take his Level 1 coaching badge as soon as he is 16.

Outside of cricket Max plays football for last season's promotion winning Brentwood Athletic U14s and, for his sins, represents Ipswich Town Football Club's junior supporters on the Ipswich Town Supporters Forum. And having successfully climbed Mount Snowdon in August this year, Max is now planning to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro!

The club will benefit from Max's enthusiasm and determination in the years to come, and he fully deserves his Jack Petchey award.

Congratulations to Max, who will be choosing from the clubs new 'wish list' how we will spend his Jack Petchey grant.

June 2010: Ryan Becheeno

Having joined Brentwood Cricket Club at the tender age of 9, Ryan has developed into a very likeable and popular boy, who is always willing to listen and learn.

He has worked very hard to develop his cricket skills, and has now achieved a place in the Under 13 A squad. Ryan's tremendous efforts so far this year have produced some excellent results, e.g. in June he batted his team's whole innings, winning the game for Brentwood. Ryan also keeps wicket to a good standard, although his bowling skills are sorely missed whenever he takes the gloves!

Ryan's ability has also been acknowledged this season through his selection in senior (mens) matches, which he thoroughly enjoys. Ryan fully deserves the Jack Petchey award, for the effort and enthusiasm he consistently applies in all he does, and the very positive attitude he displays to all his peers.

Ryan's grant will be used to fund the purchase of Target Markers and Target Stumps for Colts training and development.

May 2010: Edward Hornby

Edward has been a member of the club for 7 years. He is a strong all round sportsman - playing cricket for the school, club and district and rugby for school, club and as part of the Essex Academy.

He is a quiet but very determined young man and he has shown great determination to improve in all he does. For example in rugby, he was part of the U15 team this year which who won the Essex Rugby Cup for the school. Also, he has been awarded most improved player within the school rugby team for the last two years, and with his team he was part of the team who won the Colchester festival at the end of the 09/10 season.

In cricket Edward focused on his technique from an early age such that his technical delivery of both batting and bowling was mature beyond his years. He also took on the role of wicket keeping first on an ad hoc basis and then more regularly developing himself as a strong all rounder.

He has represented Brentwood Cricket Club from U11 and he is currently in the U15 age group but is already a regular this year in the U16 Matchplay side. The physical strength he has gained in the last year now combined with his technique are really beginning to come together. One of the most memorable performances being very recently in the U16s when he produced a match winning innings when the chips were down and defeat looked on the horizon. Edward turned the game and with great maturity saw us home.

The club is very lucky to have Edward within its ranks; he sets a fantastic example to all other Colts and we look forward to his continued development.

With his grant, Ed would like the club to obtain a Video Analysis Software pack - a great idea,and a great way to accelerate the development of the key skills of the game, for each participating Colt.

April 2010: Payal Patel

Payal initially was not interested in cricket at all. Having played tennis as a younger child, she was eventually coaxed, aged seven, to try cricket in the nets at Ilford Cricket School by her Headmaster. She developed quickly as a left arm swing bowler, encouraged by her coaches and school staff. She started taking cricket seriously a year later, when she played regularly for the school team during the winter and Ilford Cricket Club during the summer.

She has been part of the Essex Girls cricket squad for four years, and last year was part of the Redbridge U13 Girls team, who won the London Youth Games. She also plays for Snaresbrook & Wanstead Heronettes on a regular basis who last year reached the national finals of the Lady Taverner's Competitions. Having joined Brentwood Cricket Club last summer, she really enjoyed playing in her first 'mens' adult game and was really appreciative of the encouragement and support she received. Her highlights last year had to be the two U13 Peter Coe Cup Games, where she was selected to play in a mixed team. Payal took the opposition by surprise when on each occasion she opened the bowling and the Brentwood attack ripped through the opposition taking five wickets in the first match and then going one better in the second match.

Payal is setting a setting a wonderful example and her success on the cricket pitch is evidence that girls can compete at the highest level in youth cricket!

Payal's award has funded the purchase of 6 boxes of Flipper balls for all Colts training sessions - this will help the development of Colts of every age and abilty.

March 2010: Billy Hull

Bill thoroughly deserves his Jack Petchey award. Billy assisted at coaching sessions throughout the winter season, and participated in the Indoor League too. He supported the team coach, and the Colts Co-ordinator, coaching the 8-9 year olds. He has shown the temperament to coach children of all abilities and has been diligent in all tasks asked of him!

Billy was also an integral member of the indoor U15 team which played Chelmsford in the Final. He kept wicket to a high standard and even though this is not his usual position he did so without complaint.

Billy is an outstanding prospect for Brentwood Cricket Club - he bowls at a very good pace and can even swing the ball both ways. His batting is fantastic - he can open an innings or bat in the middle order - and his pulling and hooking is out of the top drawer!

The club benefits hugely now as he is available for the mens teams on Saturdays. He is a strong character to have in the team and his peers warm to him. Billy is now a vital cog in the U15 team and we are delighted to have him on board.

Billy has asked that the club purchases a bowling 'Speed Gun', which will assist him and all the other Colts in their bowling development and technique.

February 2010: Simon Wood

Simon has been a member of Brentwood CC for 5 years. He joined with very little experience of cricket but with masses of enthusiasm to learn and experience this and other sports.

He played his first match for the club in our newly formed U11B team. Along with over half of the team had never played a competitive game of cricket but he was clearly excited at the challenge. The night before the game the coach asked if there were any questions - Simon brought a smile when he said, "What happens if we lose?" - perhaps he thought we had a punishment regime depending on the result! We have seen Simon mature as a person and a player. He has now played a number of matches in our adult sides and has shown that he can hold his own and deliver results in the seniors as well as Colts.

His enthusiasm for learning remains and we expect to see him continue to develop his game in the coming years. He also holds a brown belt in Karate and is very active representative of his school in a number of sports, including cricket, basketball, rugby and swimming. He has also been playing for Brentwood Rugby Club for the last two seasons.

Simon is a demonstrating a great example to the younger members of our club - he has expressed an interest in coaching and will be taking his Young Leader Qualification so that he can support the coaches with the younger children.

Simon has asked that a cricket scoreboard is acquired for Colts matches, with his grant.

January 2010: Harry Coombes

Harry thoroughly deserves his Petchey award. During the winter season he was asked to play at very late notice on a number of occasions, in the indoor league. He didn't moan or fuss but just got on with it, showing lots of enthusiasm and a great 'team' attitude. After his late call ups he thoroughly deserved his place in the Final on his ability alone. He bowled a succession of Yorkers which were unplayable in one game, as his parsimonious figures will show. He took a brilliant one handed catch and batted very sensibly. If every boy had the same attitude as Harry then coaching and managing a team would be a simple task.

Harry is a very fine seam bowler who is surprisingly quick, he is also quick and agile in the field and when he puts his mind to it, he can bat! Harry is a fine recipient of this award, and a splendid example to his peers!

Harry has suggested that the club obtains a Table Tennis table with the £200 grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation. It will be available for each Colts agegroup to use after training sessions on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, and also after home matches where time permits.

September 2009: Cameron Terry

  • Cameron Terry is a deserved winner of the September 2009 Petchey Award having displayed an exemplary attitude all season. As one of the strongest players in the U13B team, Cameron has consistently, and without prompting, encouraged and supported the less experienced players in the team and, by doing so has directly contributed to his team-mates enjoyment of the game and to the improving team performances.
  • Cameron has given his very best whenever he took the field, averaging 14 with the bat and 6 with the ball, which carries extra significance as we were usually playing teams who were stronger than ourselves. His 25 runs and 1 for 7 in 4 overs in a low scoring game against Billericay was the key performance in the team's only league win of the season.
  • Cameron clearly enjoyed playing and practicing throughout the season and was always willing to listen and learn in order to improve his skills. As he began to believe in his ability, so his performances, particularly his batting, improved. He captained the team twice and, as his self confidence grows, his cricketing knowledge and approachable nature, will allow him to explore his full potential in this area also.
Congratulations to Cameron who has suggested that his prize money should be used to purchase a number of 'Backstop Nets' for the club.

August 2009: Edward Abbott

  • Edward has been a member of Brentwood Cricket Club for 3 years.
  • Edward has a superb attitude towards cricket and other fellow members of the team, for which he was awarded captaincy of the U11A team.
  • He is a very calm player and sets a good example; he is always there to help others and is a true leader.
  • The main thing is that Edward enjoys his game, is fair, and thinks of others before himself.
  • Edward is very enthusiastic, dedicated and works very hard to improve his skills.
  • As well as representing the U11A team and captaining them to the success of being the CEDCB League winners and Cup semi finalists, he has also represented the U13 side, Central District and the Brentwood 6th X1 senior side.

July 2009: Elliott Skinner

  • Elliott joined the club just last year but has made his mark quickly. He has played in the U15 and U16 Colts teams and in the senior 2nd and 3rd XIs. Towards the end of the season he was presented with the opportunity to represent Essex U17s in a two day match and he grasped the opportunity with both hands (or gloves!), displaying great maturity and skill.
  • His nomination for this award is largely as a result of his work this year in supporting the coaching of the younger Colts. He attended a young leaders course and has shown a natural aptitude to coaching, with strong leadership and real encouragement to the young Colts.
  • Elliott is keen to continue building his leadership and coaching skills and is already planning to do his level 1 course as soon as he is 16.

June 2009: Sam Rounce

  • Sam has always displayed a superb attitude in matches and in training - calm, gentle in nature, but good humoured and focused on the matter in hand.
  • Sam has begun supporting coaches on a voluntary basis to support his Community Sports Leaders Award, and has since undertaken his Level 1 coaching qualification. All coaches are full of praise for his contribution and Sam is a shining example to all the younger colts.
  • Sam is developing into a mature cricketer with good leadership qualities, while retaining his natural modesty - a well deserved winner of the Jack Petchey award!
The funds from Sam's award will be used for the purchase of 100 weighted tennis balls, for colts training and development.

March 2009: Alexander Haynes

  • Alexander was a regular member of the Brentwood Under13 indoor cricket team. Throughout the competition Alex kept wicket superbly and his efficient, undemonstrative style was a major factor in the success of the Brentwood bowlers. He showed excellent technique when keeping against spin or pace bowling and his constant encouragement and praise was a major factor in the excellent team spirit of the team.
  • Alex also showed great prowess with the bat and regularly made important 'runs' for the team. He batted in an unselfish manner and it was his improvisation coupled with his dynamic running between the wickets which proved so effective.
  • Alex has been a member of Brentwood's elite training squad and attended every indoor session this winter. His attitude has been exemplary. He has worked diligently at every task and has been receptive to all help, advice and instruction. Consequently, he has improved all aspects of his cricketing technique. He is indeed a perfect role model; for his peers and a worthy recipient of the Jack Petchey award.
Alex would like his £200 award to help the club acquire a new scorebaord.

December 2008: James Coleman

  • James has captained his age group side for the past two seasons and he has proved to be an astute captain who leads by example.
  • His strong, resolute captaincy is complemented with excellent man-management skills and the fact that he will always put the teams' interest before his own has ensured the respect of his peers.
  • He suffered a double fracture of his lower arm last April playing rugby and did not play cricket until July.
  • On his return to the game he took 15 wickets for the district side and as captain recorded a five wicket haul including a hat-trick.
  • He eventually finished the season as the clubs leading run scorer for his age-group, an excellent achievement considering the high number of games he missed.
  • He is an excellent off-spin bowler and for one so young displays considerable control and accuracy. James has worked tirelessly in the nets to refine and develop his technique and he will always seek out advice to improve his performance. He clearly has the potential to play at the very highest level for Brentwood.
  • James Coleman fully deserves his Jack Petchey nomination.
James' award has funded the purchase of 4 training ladders and 12 large cones, for training.

November 2008: Owen Mathias

  • Owen Mathias has carried his superb sporting prowess into the cricketing arena.
  • Already a fine footballer and rugby player, Owen has devoted the last few summers to bringing his all round cricket ability up to a high standard.
  • Not content with being a valuable batsman to the U13 Team he has really concentrated on his fielding and bowling, and is now much more than an occasional bowler, with his well flighted chinamen a very dangerous weapon.
  • High scores with the bat at important times during the season, most notably in the District Final has cemented Owens's position as a key player and his winning mentality makes him a deserving winner of this award.
Owen's award has allowed the club to purchase some catcher mitts and a back catcher mitt for colts training sessions.

October 2008: Dougie Maxwell

  • Dougie Maxwell fully deserves a Petchey Award in recognition of his contribution to the successful U13 Season of 2008 and the attitude that he shows on and off the pitch.
  • The Senior 4th XI has been a beneficiary of his leg spin abilities and technically correct batting. Many a wily old campaigner has been found wanting against his superb leggies. I knew Dougie would be a special player when I saw him bowl at the age of 10 in the nets and he asked me how to bowl a googly; now he can show others, having fully mastered the craft. Seeing the affect his bowling has had on senior players, it is of no surprise that he at times completely baffled U13 batsmen. Dougie was by far and away the leading wicket taker in colts cricket with a total in excess of 40 wkts, but his contribution to the team was far more than that.
  • Whenever Dougie got the chance to bat up the order he scored important runs and the fact that family holidays were delayed to fit in crucial games was typical of his commitment to the team.
  • Always keen to listen and learn, I have no doubt that Dougie will go on to be a major asset to the club and fully expect him to represent BCC at the highest level.
Dougie has asked that the funds from his award are used to purchase two portable drinks coolers, and pop-up nets for training.

September 2008: Jon Hilliard

  • Jon fully deserves his Jack Petchey award for this month. He is the U13 Clubman of the year for the same reasons as his Petchey award. He attends every coaching session, always listening and learning. Holidays have been cancelled or delayed to enable him to play in important matches.
  • Jon has played an essential part in the U13 success this season with his canny, accurate bowling with subtle changes in pace; opening the bowling in the second half of the season, he has baffled numerous opening batsmen.
  • Although proficient in other sports I would say that cricket is his main passion and I understand that he wishes to take his Grade 1 Coaching as soon as possible, making him an even greater asset to the Club. His enjoyment of the game shines through and playing for the Senior club has really brought his game along. Now a regular in the 6th XI he has become one of their main wicket takers and with the bat, can be very effective.
  • Brentwood CC will go from strength to strength if they can attract and develop more colts like Jon Hilliard.
Jon's £200 award will contribute to the cost of a Supersoaker, which will help prevent the disappointing cancellation of Colts matches from wet weather.

August 2008: Joe Early

  • Joe has been a member of Brentwood Cricket Club since 2004 - first as a Colt and this year in the Senior Section.
  • He has represented the club at U15, U16 and in our senior sides - 4th - 6th XI.
  • He has supported the coaching team on Friday night sessions throughout this season keeping his links with the Colts.
  • He shows a very positive approach to our younger members, regularly working with the youngest Colts (Ages 5-7) displaying patience and good humour.
  • Nothing is too much trouble for Joe - he can always be relied on to ensure that everything is organised as necessary.
  • Joe is a great role model for the younger Colts and is a worthy award winner.
Joe wishes his money to be put towards the power pack and balls for our eventual purchase of a bowling machine.

July 2008: Sam Dawes

  • Sam Dawes has proved to be an important player in a strong U13 Brentwood Colts XI this season.
  • He has benefitted immensely from the club's Advanced Coaching Program, through the winter and his desire to perform has carried him to play at a high standard.
  • Sam is an all-rounder with his bowling, batting and fielding at a level, strong enough to warrant him playing Senior Cricket as high as 4th XI standard.
  • Despite his will to win, Sam always has a sunny disposition on the field and always plays with a smile on his face.
Sam would like his Achievement Award cheque for £300.00 to go towards the cost of a cricket pitch water remover or "super soaker".

June 2008: Ross Cant

  • Ross joined Brentwood last year having gained a place at our Whitsun Coaching Clinic through our Gifted and Talented scheme.
  • His bowling has always been strong but he has worked hard on his batting and his confidence is building all the time.
  • He has proved a valuable member of the Colts, playing in our U15 and U16 last year and U16 this year; he is also a regular in our Adult sides.
  • His attitude both on and off the field is second to none and he is always willing to help in any way.
Ross wishes his money to be put towards our eventual purchase of a bowling machine.

May 2008: Ben Sach

  • Ben has a quiet but determined disposition; very competitive in all of his sports.
  • He was ever present in the U13 Cup winning side of the 2007 season and captained the team for approximately half of the matches.
  • While Ben is a pacy potent bowler, it's his batting that makes him a good all rounder and a delight to watch.
  • His maturity as a cricketer has already given him the opportunity to represent some of the senior sides.
  • Ben's technique and concentration is a virtue and his clip shots off his pads through mid wicket are a joy to behold.
  • He is a great asset to the club and a potential 1st XI player in the making.

April 2008: Adam Mathias

  • Adam has has been a member of Brentwood Cricket Club for many years and is now representing our U16's.
  • He is an example for others in his attitude in both training and matches.
  • He takes every opportunity to participate in cricket and during winter training he stood out among his peers as being some-one who was there to learn as much as he could but doing so with great humour and hard work and focus.
  • He is keen to develop his leadership skills and as such will be attending our Young Leaders course and will support our coaching team.
Adam wishes his money to be spend on the Coaches General Equipment ( ECB CA catalogue - costs £820) for summe

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