Cricket Week at Brentwood 2017: Six-a-Side

Thursday July 20th 2017 Six-a-side competition with sides drawn from the following: Barbone, D. Belchamber, I. Berry, D. Brooks, B. Davis, B. Cocklin, D. Coote, R. Goddard, D. Johnstone, D. Lennon, S. Prior, A. Ranns, L. Webb, P.

L to R: Lattimore; Hobbs; Davis; Cocklin; Hawke; Coote Im thumb
Dean Goddard & Barry Brooks Im thumb
Belch Im thumb
Left to Right: Roger Mahadeo; Dwight Johnstone; Steve Lennon; Tony Prior Im thumb
Left to Right: David Barbone; Dean Goddard; Barry Brooks Im thumb
Paul Lattimore & David Berry Im thumb
L to R: Davis; Belchamber; Lattimore; Webb; Prior; Reilly; Johnstone Im thumb
Left to Right: Rob Coote; Steve Lennon; Roger Mahadeo Im thumb
L to R : Belchamber; Davis; Lattimore; Goddard; Johnstone; Prior Im thumb

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